Mysteries of the Unknown (2017, Unpublished)


This collection is dedicated to Ian McBryde, Craig Amos, Rhiannon Dionysius, Theo Dionysius and Sylvie Dionysius for giving this collection its voice. May some mysteries never be solved.


  1. Big Shigir Idol
  2. Atlantis
  3. Stonehenge
  4. The Ark of the Covenant
  5. Nazca Lines
  6. Stone of the Pregnant Woman
  7. The Green Children
  8. Voynich Manuscript
  9. Easter Island
  10. The Shugborough Inscription
  11. Bermuda Triangle
  12. Guadeloupe Woman
  13. Min Min Light
  14. Emilie Sagee
  15. Dorchester Pot
  16. The Mary Celeste
  17. Nampa Figurine
  18. Overtoun Bridge
  19. Shroud of Turin
  20. Antikythera Mechanism
  21. The Phaistos Disc
  22. Tunguska Event
  23. Wisconsin Giants
  24. Ten Seconds of Light
  25. Our Lady of Fatima
  26. Cottingley Fairies
  27. The Ghost of Goddard’s Squadron
  28. The Hinterkaifeck Mystery
  29. The Curse of the Pharaohs
  30. Agatha Christie
  31. Charlie Chaplin Cell Phone
  32. Black Knight Satellite
  33. The Loch Ness Monster
  34. Baghdad Batteries
  35. Dr Carl Tanzler
  36. The London Hammer
  37. DuPont Cell Phone
  38. Ettore Majorana
  39. Time Travelling Hipster
  40. Battle of Los Angeles
  41. Blimp L-8
  42. The Philadelphia Experiment
  43. Foo Fighters
  44. Amber Room
  45. Flight Nineteen
  46. The Sodder Children
  47. SS Ourang Medan
  48. Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting
  49. The Roswell Incident
  50. Dead Sea Scrolls
  51. Captain Thomas F. Mantell
  52. The Tamam Shud Case
  53. Rudolph Fentz
  54. McMinnville UFO Photographs
  55. Mary Reeser
  56. Taured Man
  57. The Pollock Twins
  58. Dyatlov Pass
  59. The Watcher
  60. Back Seat Ghost
  61. The Hill Abduction
  62. Babushka Lady
  63. Bouvet Island
  64. Lonnie Zamora Incident
  65. Solway Firth Spaceman
  66. The Hook Island Monster
  67. The Tully Saucer Nest
  68. The Westall UFO Encounter
  69. The Lead Masks Case
  70. The Mothman Prophecies
  71. Bigfoot – Patterson-Gimlin Film
  72. Our Lady of Zeitoun
  73. The Zodiac Killings
  74. Bimini Road
  75. Secret Moon Base
  76. UVB-76- ‘The Buzzer’
  77. Aluminium Wedge of Aiud
  78. Jimmy Hoffa
  79. Lawndale Illinois Thunderbird Attack
  80. Wow! Signal
  81. Beast of Bodmin Moor
  82. Granger Taylor
  83. Father Crespi
  84. The Coventry Spectre
  85. The Taos Hum
  86. Klerksdorp Spheres
  87. Boothill Cemetery Ghost
  88. Heaven’s Gate
  89. The Bloop
  90. Ricky McCormick
  91. TimeTravel_0
  92. Raëlism
  93. Atacama Humanoid
  94. Salish Sea Severed Feet
  95. Lerina Garcia Gordo
  96. James Richards
  97. Baltic Sea Anomaly
  98. Cicada 3301
  99. Elisa Lam
  100. Flight MH370


Big Shigir Idol

Ural Mountains, Kirovograd, Russia, 11,000 BCE.

their cubs vanished

as tree bark grew

over claw marks

wounded skin healing

into a quartz coloured scar

cold territories melting

dressed an old tree carcass

cut stripes into its trunk

for those powerful gods

we added faces, zig zag

of mountains where caves

grieved under a millennia

of bones. we trembled

as lions growled their hunger

until they died. 


Location Unknown, 9360 BCE.

it was the first false analogy

it is found everywhere and

everyone has dreamed

of finding it

queen mab lives there

plato had it destroyed by

volcano and earthquakes

to teach us a lesson

it is a symbol, a casino

something we all create

something we all tear down

the heart of the matter

it still inspires

its name graces spaceships

it is gut instinct

or last hope

it is also fear

sudden mass extinction

technological powerlessness

earth’s gigantic disregard

for everything, for us.


Wiltshire, England, 2300-2200 BCE.


the local workers were dumb

but cheap & strong to boot

happy to move the bluestones

into a circle. this seemed to

please them as did digging in

the dirt to extend the earthwork

avenue right up to the avon river

once the power had been connected

they turned the time-lakes on from

their side & gravity’s tide pulled

the two earths closer, like how their

moon was caught in earth-seven’s

own stream of gravitational wash.

tools down, there’d be a 400 yearlong

smoko until the bronze age shift.

The Ark of the Covenant

Last known location in Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, 587-607 BCE.


a long long line of missionaries spread the word

from earth-three; moses encapsulated its values

into ten commandments etched into two tablets

manna from the golden poppies of taured was

added to the ark of your strength; aaron’s rod

that budded, a st martin’s land relic along with

the idea for decorating the solid gold lid; cherubs

the earth-seven faithful called them; the winged

elohim from the thul mountains are still delighted

by the angelic moniker. when the babylonians

besieged jerusalem, the high tauredian priestess

ordered the ark of the testimony to be retrieved

after all she had seen a time when a new covenant

was coming to earth-seven; it’d be another four

hundred years before the last mission was over.

Nazca Lines

Nazca, Peru, 200 BCE – 300 CE.


nothing can land here

loose gravel will spin their tyres

soft sand will bog them

art turns them into animals

geoglyphs, an emotional runway

dare not to draw gods small

head comes off; a cactus flower

scoop out the pulp, paint a tree

with eyes on a jug full of water

bury them sitting upright; a pilot

navigating the undead stars, spirits

see it all laid out as they rise.

Stone of the Pregnant Woman

Baalbeck, Lebanon, 37 CE- 68 CE.

underneath every

good woman

is a man

or a child

lifting underfoot

stone of janeen

touch the limestone

jinn couldn’t move them

swell with children

bdsm romans

not 40,000 men

needed to fondle

monoliths into place

house rules, they

ran out of time.

The Green Children

Woolpit, Suffolk, East Anglia, England, 1135–1154 CE.

sometimes there is leakage of one

earth into another. their cattle got

wind of an unregistered time-pool

high up in the mountains of st

martin’s land & the little shepherds

couldn’t turn them around in time

plunging into the charged water

after their aurochs, the children

phased into earth-seven, landing

somewhere rural in the equivalent

country of england. found near

a wolfpit, green skin betrayed

their earth-three heritage as they

hadn’t eaten the paste that changed

the colour of their skin to match

this earth’s tones & brighter light

their land cast in twilight aqua hues

from their giant green sun

they found some broad beans

that they could at least stomach

a side-effect being their skin assumed

the natives’ colour. the search parties

gave up too, after all no one knew

when they had landed & the rogue

pool was drained to prevent further

time-slips. centuries later, tauredian

scholars heard about their fate via

legends that came down from their

medieval period. the boy it seems

succumbed to disease, but the girl

survived to adulthood & even married

first proof that the different species

could co-mingle – perhaps funding

should be sought for a follow up

study on the fate of the hybrids

those who love everything green.

Voynich Manuscript

Northern Taured, Euplar, Earth-Three, 1404–1438 AG.

a stolen account of taured’s

medieval herbal remedies

its rare botanical oddities

its pharmacological heritage

of dimensional travel

each traveller ingests

the poultice, that protects

them against drowning

in space-time’s poison

each wormhole leads to

an alternate earth, each

circle of nude women

power the time stream by

bathing in gravity’s darkness

opening a portal to one

of the twelve time-lakes

that wash the shores

of human existence

in 1954 an agent was ordered

to recover the book, but was

sent by mistake to earth-seven

like that time two hundred

years ago a kraken accidentally

washed into its ocean

imagine, if a horsepillar

escaped to their world

what a furore there’d be

so many men would

be burnt at the stake

for streaming heresy

lucky for all tauredians

the stupid natives cannot

decipher the holy book.

Easter Island

Southeastern Pacific Ocean, Chile, (Easter Sunday), 5th April 1722.

lucky too the interdimensional

convict resettlement program

was eventually stopped over

a millennia ago. another earth

-seven failure, colonial abuse

that led earth- three criminals

to revert to savagery & establish

embarrassing quasi-tauredian

rituals to try & return home

those 887 moai they carved

to stimulate the time-pools

& stir public sympathy for

their plight almost worked

it was right to cut off all contact

with the penal colony after the

europeans landed. let them

think that the bird cult was

some quaint rite of passage

& not the racial memory

of swimming as children

in taured’s time-lakes.

The Shugborough Inscription

Shugborough Hall, Staffordshire, England 1748-1763.


D                                             M

in middle-tauredian it says;

here travellers from the planet earth-three

first set foot upon earth-seven, 2299 BCE.

Bermuda Triangle

Miami, Florida peninsula, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Bermuda, 1800 – Present day.


place a triangle anywhere

over the vastness of the ocean

& you’ll find lost ships & planes.

Guadeloupe Woman

Guadeloupe Island, French Caribbean, 1812.

nothing intelligent in the design

head and feet taken for piracy

noah’s flood didn’t drown her

tide shifted her bird hollow bones

sand solidified around her, wrapped

a calcareous shawl about her shoulders

a miocene misadventure; no god

intervened on her behalf, scientists

got the joke and filed her away

still causing havoc, she’s

a buccaneer boarding the

creationists’ sinking vessel.


Min Min Light

Between Boulia and Winton, 1838 – Present day.

the way it picked out

individual hairs in

the mare’s mane.

Emilie Sagee

Wolmar in what is now Latvia, 1845.

the sewing class prick thumbs

suck their own blood, looking

out the window, see ms sagee

pale, wooden limbs struggling

with her lead trowel, then she

enters the classroom, bright

as dawn; children turn back to

the window where their teacher

still weeds outside, as her eclipse

casts its white, spiderweb shadow

over her desk. some braver girls rise

& weave fingers through its gossamer.

Dorchester Pot

Meeting House Hill, Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1852.


be wispy as ether

float to easy pickings

rich bostonians who

only exhale smoke

on rare weekends

take the antique

zinc & silver in storage

indian pipes not missed

until the next inventory

bury the bell-shaped base

near the quarry, in earth

that’s already desecrated

pray the mine’s expansion

is delayed before boston’s

churches cough up stone.



The Mary Celeste

Azores Islands, 4th December 1872.

her beautiful trim

a lady’s smooth thigh

rising from a bath

a sailor’s rolling gait

clothes askew after a fight

morehouse stopped her

a sleepwalker unaware

of going through trauma

shocked motions of living

two stones struck under water

heads held below the surface

small boys know what happens

to the ears, the nose

the sea is cagey

about its violence

wrenched the eggshell hull

believers took to the yawl

compasses spun backwards

smelt fumes as embers flared

an axe bit deep into black spruce

all rowed towards god.

Nampa Figurine

Nampa, Idaho, USA, 1889.


fragile as truth

they said it came

up from a great well

baked clay doll proof

of two million years

of human activity

rewrite evolution’s

history they fired

from the 19th century

at those tenderfeet

as an indian child cried

over her lost toy.

Overtoun Bridge

West Dunbartonshire, Scotland, 1895 – Present day.

we are a temporary

structure for atoms


we whine our loyalty

as we fall, the stones

hear us

minks emerge from

the water, ghosts of

dead dogs sit

oh the joy

of being one with

the thin place.

Shroud of Turin

Holy See, Vatican City, Rome, 28th May 1898.

produce a counter-narrative

for centuries the face of jesus

assumes the cloth’s wounded

fibre. their belief in fiction

keeps them ignorant, taured safe

beware their new technology

yes, the shroud is a negative

but not of the son of their god

but earth three’s most famous

author who fled into exile

with his opus magnum;

the voynich manuscript.

Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera wreck off the Greek Island of Antikythera, 17th May, 1901.

earth-seven advocates gave the instructions

to hipparchus illegally, fifteen-hundred years

before their future scientists & clockmakers

would crack this astrological technology

as punishment, they sent an earthquake

& destroyed the colossus of rhodes

later these terrorists tried to pass

the tech onto the romans, but the ship

was intercepted & sunk with all

hands lost. mission accomplished

the natives found its oxidised remains

over a century ago. near miss that one.

The Phaistos Disc

Minoan palace of Phaistos, Crete, 3rd July 1901.

stolen by those cosmic creeps

the disc is one of earth-three’s

earliest attempts of writing down

instructions on how to use the time

-pools properly. it was brazenly taken

from the taured national museum

their aim was to give the other earths

knowledge of how to time-slip between

the twelve dimensions. they did it in

the name of time equality they claim.

thankfully the earth-seven natives lack

the botanical context to this day to

decipher its directions. based on their

history of violence & resource exploitation

this is ironically the disc’s safest destiny.



Tunguska Event

Siberia, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, 30th June 1908.


the sky’s grey canopy split in two

eighty million charred tree angels

cooked venison still smoking

send agents in twenty years later

to airburst other theories – meteor

comet, exploding spaceship to get

a giggle. this is why we must recover

the v manuscript. interdimensional

spells miscast by amateurs have one

hundred & fifty times the tnt power

of hiroshima. in the wrong hands

earth seven would be levelled

like flat-pack furniture

one can never reconstruct.

Wisconsin Giants

Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, 4th May 1912.

there were giants in the earth in those days

they called them the nephilim

who bred with human women

their offspring; a huge literature

of tall men not surprisingly; polyphemus

goliath & his brothers, the bfg

giant women still of a smaller stature.

six fingers, six toes, double rows of teeth

sloping foreheads, elongated jaws

bones can be trained to stretch, vines

attached to a lattice snake up not down

beans grow long attached to their stem

gigantism lost its newspaper flavour

by the nineteen fifties; besides new fears

were serialised, as ufos buzzed cities

people looked to the skies, not at

the ground for sensation, though

they kept the enlarged heads

the race of giants was forgotten

a second time, their large bones

aching from the sudden chill

it’s only the imagination

that remains oversized.

Ten Seconds of Light

Calgary, Alberta, 24th May 1913.


what ‘yer so happy about,

your ol’ man’s about to go out there

and get ‘is ‘ead beat in

light said you are always a second

away from your death

light said that in a minute

clouds will part; curtains opening

light said you are decades away

from being dust motes

light said your name is already

written in the great ledger

light said the metal was always

in the church bell

light said at the bout’s end there

is only one referee who counts.


Our Lady of Fatima

Fatima, Portugal, 13th May -13th October 1917.

she makes the sheep glow

as if they’re clouds grounded

it hurts to look at her

she whispers things

hell, russia, war, peace

stories pass the time

they want to believe

mothers, villagers, local

priests, the holy see

she tells us, look at the sun

retinal cells dance for

seventy thousand pilgrims

afterimages glow as radiant

as vision, as faith, as devotion

temporary blindness is healed

spanish flu kills the portuguese

cousins, at nine and ten but

they knew this already

she has work to do

lives until ninety-seven

they live on as saints

a pope pockets a bullet

the virgin wears a round

there is nothing miraculous

about hate.

Cottingley Fairies

Cottingley, West Yorkshire, England, July 1917.


what are young girls to do

but mooch around the beck

& make some organic fun

we ticed the camera from

our father, we ticed the

illustrations from a book

we ticed on wings to turn

them into fairies with our

industrial light & magic

we created new life

the fifth photo we just

aimed & snapped.

The Ghost of Goddard’s Squadron

Edinburgh, Shanghai, Japan coastline, 1919, 1935 & 1946.


air force hat ejected

a spent artillery shell

body half dissolved

somme corpses that

the earth processed

skulls smirking


a brown-yellow cloud

a bruise after three days

he saw the future in

an instant; an enemy

in his mirror


a third prophecy

a witch’s revenge

a sailor saw him die

in his dream; a heady

cocktail predestination

fate is the stick in your

hand, your thumb

on your gun button.

The Hinterkaifeck Murders

Bavaria, Germany, 31st March 1922.

take them to the barn

for a family meeting

axe handle does for kindling

cleanse the house too

of damned incest, enseamed

beds, filthy sties, luxury couches

leave no witnesses

hide in the grim attic

intercept the alimony letter

footprints blend with neighbours’

they don’t know it was your smoke

don’t forget to feed the animals.


The Curse of the Pharaohs

Tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, Egypt, November 1922.

a king cobra swallows the canary whole

lord carnarvon is the first to fall, cutting

that raised mosquito bite while shaving

blood poisoning being the oldest curse

known to humans. the italian dictator

returns his own mummy out of fear

carter sees jackals for the first time in

thirty-five years as anubis watches with

interest the fate of those st martin’s land

refugees who escaped to earth-seven, six

thousand years ago & established new lives

for themselves as god-kings to the locals

their power to harness dark gravity shifting

one hundred tonne boulders for the pyramids

as easily as a child seizes the neck of a bird.

Agatha Christie

Sunningdale, Berkshire, England 3rd December, 1926.

she left her morris & phased back using

the silent pool gateway near her house

for eleven days the tamam shud director

debriefed her on her progress with finding

the voynich manuscript, what assets she’d

accumulated, what leads she’d found. her

earth-seven bona fides were pristine, her

legend as a crime writer was growing. she

was told to change her pattern & divorce

the human she had married for her cover.

her handler said she was to remarry another

birdwatcher. she had a distinguished career

her pocket litter included sixty-six novels

& fourteen short story collections published

on earth-seven. there was only one blip on

her stellar record. after phasing back she’d

had some mild gravity poisoning & entered

a short-term fugue. signed her real name

in the hotel’s register, as mrs teresa neele.


Charlie Chaplin Cell Phone

Mann’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California, 1928.

pull the cosmic strings

to get back there for

the world premiere

who rides zebras?

a place full of tramps

the reception was lousy

as a film critic’s review

with all the street noise

she couldn’t hear anything

she was made for the silent era.



Black Knight Satellite

Earth-seven orbit, 1932 – Present day.

it offers paradise

to come visit

a better life

a complete escape

a romantic getaway

a home away from home

an all expense tour

a breakout session

a galaxy package tour

a planet-change

direct flights

first class facilities

a flag of convenience

a frequent flyer program

in house catering

a long stay

a night clerk’s report

a teachable moment

an upsell

a walk in refrigerator.

13,000 year old billboard

tauredian orbital blight.


Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness, 37 kilometres southwest of Inverness, Scotland, 1934.

there is always something in the lake’s eye

do not touch the man said the saint & it lost

the tug of war with god. mouthful of lamb

scare the new motorists, put the brakes on

natural selection. but for its isolation it should

not exist this brother to the blue coelacanth

stung pride, revenge is a backstreet abortion

of wood putty mounted on a toy submarine

a head & a neck, an engorged whale penis

in grey the gynaecologist snaps twice. sink

the beast as the water bailiff approaches

one grainy picture makes it into the daily

watch the ripple effect.

Baghdad Batteries

Khujut Rabu just outside Baghdad, 1938.

again, those earth-three terrorists struck

inculcating the natives of parthia with ideas

on generating an electrical current millennia

before they dangled keys off kites in storms

thankfully the indigenous’ greed got the better

of them & all they were interested in was plating

gold onto silver with their primitive alchemy

they buried as many jars as they could find &

waited ages before the past gave up its treasure.

Dr Carl Tanzler

Key West, Florida, October 25, 1931 – 1940.


raid the mausoleum built for her

piano wire her bones together, coat

hangers for the pelvis, glass eyes

taken from the blind wing of the

hospital. chemicals they will never miss

rags for the inner organs, silk cloth

replaces her cuban-american skin

soak it in wax, plaster of paris her

like repairing a crack in the wall

wait for her to dry before you can

touch her again. insert the plastic tube

spray her favourite perfume around

he couldn’t save her in life so he

turns her into his private wax museum

for seven years he stops up the

leaking fluid of his one-sided love.

The London Hammer

London, Texas, June 1936.


some god lost their hammer

after a sixteen hour double shift

their pay was docked the price.


DuPont Cell Phone

Outside DuPont factory, Massachusetts, USA, 1938.


polymers so small that they

strain the eyes of imagination

in churns we mix the future

leaving the factory, tired, dizzy

after a twelve hour shift; nylon

strung out nerves, teflon tendonitis

the insecticide smell never leaves them

hard to keep a fella when you remind

him of bugs. she is thinking of a bath

the afternoon sun irritates like fly spray

rubs her red jaw with her glasses case.

Ettore Majorana

Between Palermo and Naples, 25th March 1938.


he wasn’t sad that

he’d missed the war

lost friends to the future

einstein had just died

his matter colliding with

death’s antimatter

in a flicker he was gone

like hiroshima, nagasaki

he’d missed the split atom

little man. fat boy, united

states teeth bared at russia

but what a leap he’d made

off the boat, the sea hadn’t

rejected him a second time

sadness is a universal force

but at least his mind had not

been weaponised by any state

he still had the dark hair

body and face of a young man

in nineteen fifty-five earth seven

middle-age bypassed like

a highway skirting around

a small village in argentina

but time travel can’t cure

shyness, women still were

a reactive particle, his yellow

studebaker the only solid object

in his liminality, cigarette packets

did for genius notes; neutrinos flared

by the end of his journey

he had ceased to be any one thing,

but instead became several different things,

both alive and dead, simultaneously.


Time Travelling Hipster

South Fork Bridge, British Columbia, 1941.

there are no bridges

where he comes from

water does not exist

for there to be spans

of steel or stone


gather at each new opening

tightrope walkers itch

the light is too yellow

sluices into his eyes

his helmet hair sticks up

electromagnetism charges

he generates his own field

to jump home to taured

without that damn manuscript

the past is a bridge too far.


Battle of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, USA, 24th February 1942.


loose nerves, the lost weather balloon

unleashes a paranoid frenzy over the

blacked-out city. air wardens will not

be caught sleeping a second time. they

are ready; the fifty cals & anti-aircraft guns

pepper the night’s hide with hunters’ shot

fourteen hundred rounds hit nothing

over the hour long barrage, nothing

japanese, nothing alien. in the chaos

three cars & two hearts give out.

Blimp L-8

Treasure Island, San Francisco, 16th August 1942.


faulty radar heats

up the love gondola

first microwave oven

metal sparks, clothes

smolder, if you can’t

stand the heat, get out

they sizzle in salt water

oil slick covers burnt limbs

both flotsam & jetsam.


The Philadelphia Experiment

Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 28, 1943.

prometheus is what they call themselves

these insurgents from earth-three who

try to pass on state secrets to the other

earths. bending light with electrical

generators, the natives thought they

had stumbled onto an invisibility cloak

for their warships. instead they mangled

gravity’s unified spell & produced a time-

field that transported the uss eldridge for

ten minutes into earth-three, into malabar

bay to be precise, seawater acting as a conduit

for the time transfer. without ingesting the

poultice to prevent dark gravity poisoning

those poor earth-seven sailors were doomed;

lucky ones fused to the ship’s bulkheads or

decks like iron centaurs, the unlucky bastards

were just turned inside out like vacuum cleaner

bags. all hands lost. taured naval intelligence

heard that the earth-seven country, the usa,

even went to the trouble of building a replica

destroyer escort, scuttling the original &

doctoring all reports. they even hired death

row criminals to replace ship’s crew, sworn

to secrecy to act until their deaths as the lost

men. imagine trying to convince wives

& girlfriends; though advanced taured

facial reconstruction surgery helped too.

Foo Fighters

The Ruhr Zone, Germany, 1944.

their bodies vibrate to the bomber’s tune

as the four wright radials sing their greasy

symphony over germany. the losses are

great. night is not much better. everything

is foo. keep the nose in a straight line, safe

inside their combat box. the 109s raking

them from a distance is foo. bombs that

fall on friendlies is foo. flak is foo. mech

failure is foo. even those lights trailing after

them, perhaps the souls of airmen, are foo.


Amber Room

Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg, East Prussia), Russia, 9th– 11th April 1945.

a gift for peter the great, six tonnes

of carboniferous amber, gold, gems

& mirrors reflected those cutpurses

of the empire. later another thousand

year reign stripped the room bare like

removing old wallpaper for a reno

malabar the third of taured coveted

the amber room; the yellow earth

-seven gemstone absent from the

mineral deposits of earth-three that

missed the geological conditions for tree

sap to be compressed into coal seams.

seed ferns, cycads & conifers still power

on in the fifteen percent more oxygen

of earth-three’s present rich atmosphere

so, the emperor time-slipped a team of

experts into königsberg to retrieve the amber

room for its own protection, before the

british lancasters & red army reservists

pulverized the old castle to its foundations

reports say he was tickled over the tiny

insects taured scientists found inside it.


Flight Nineteen

Bermuda Triangle, 5th December, 1945.

he knew numbers

were important

but not why

in the pacific

he just flew

the damn thing

dogged his leader

so he could find

his way back

he didn’t want

to instruct, to go

they would find out

made his compass

broken, his school

excuses came back

no sea monsters took them

the behemoth was in his head

dyscalculia, more fearsome

than zeros, atlantis or ufos

his number sense bailed

the sea divided them up.

The Sodder Children

Fayetteville, West Virginia, USA, 24th December 1945.

in the intense heat everything froze

water in the pumps, car engines, ladders

& firemen who had to be woken

who called her? doors unlocked

lights left on she heard a thump

on the roof as though santa

had fallen. smoke tickles your

throat awake. shake your snoring

husband grab as many kids as you

can feel. the house burns down

a cigarette smoked by a nervous

soldier. five are missing like pieces

from a checkers set. authorities

sentence them to fiery death but

there are no bones/charred skeletons

plough the house in. who can start

over? belief resurrects them as kid-

napped complicit police, mafia boss

teaching lessons. wait for the story

to die down, parents to die naturally

to sever last links with earth seven

besides, they work for taured now.

SS Ourang Medan

Straits of Malacca, Dutch East Indies, June 1947.

shiro ishii’s ghostly curse struck them

salt water’s torture flensed the barrels’

flesh releasing invisible wraiths that

attacked their insides. crew collapsed

choking on the past, even the dog fell

snarling at unseen forces lips curled

“S.O.S. from Ourang Medan * * * we float.

All officers including the Captain, dead in chartroom

and on the bridge. Probably whole of crew dead * * *.”

“I die.”

the war, reaching out from the grave still

weapons taught to go in for the kill.

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting

North of Mount Rainier, Washington, USA, 24th June 1947.

a string of bright tadpole eggs connected

by cosmic tissue. rule out a flock of high

altitude geese, or some new kind of army

jet without a tail. open the pilot’s window

rule out condensation on the windshield

snow dusting at speed down mt rainier

move as river-washed stones skipping

across water & twist like trout in the sky’s

turbulent stream, flying faster than anything

they had up there; the speed of sound

still virginal & chaste to earth-seven aircraft

they looped as the tail of a kite in a stiff

breeze, their flat, crescent-shapes a ribbon

of light that cut into his eyes as they fled

southward. he banked & flew a parallel

course; each set on a unique destination.

The Roswell Incident

Roswell, New Mexico, USA, 4th July, 1947.

that was the end of the supply drops

for the tauredian agents. they were

just thankful for the two cover stories

first a crashed alien spacecraft, then

a downed government weather balloon

still, heads rolled back home over

the earth-seven natives getting their

first hands on taured time travel tech

luckily, even after seventy years of

analysis, the stupid hominids of this

reality are no closer to the truth than

they were in 1947. these hopeless

children still learning to stand.

Dead Sea Scrolls

Qumran caves, Judean Desert, West Bank, November 1946 – February 1947.

base the way whole civilisations for

two thousand years work, on fragments

of stories stored in clay jars, preserved in

the cool darkness like outcasts or lepers

thank god for no bored children with sticks

or earthquakes, war tremors that wash away

entire libraries, rare collections, god statues

that are detonated by ideological short fuses.

thank goodness for the dry preserving heat

of the desert air & slow temper of the dark.

Captain Thomas F. Mantell

Franklin, Kentucky, on the Kentucky–Tennessee state line, USA, 7th January, 1948.

they say that he was just chasing a luminous venus

a pinpoint of light warped through his canopy glass

that he could never tail, but this object was metallic

& huge through the haze. or a secret navy skyhooks

balloon, sniffing out the russian nukes, that he could

never match for its altitude; his brain a no contest

from oxygen’s surrender, his mind an empty fuel tank

jettisoned of its reason. as mantell climbed & climbed

his mustang’s packard engine screamed its defiance

of the jet age which had hobbled it. some beam shot

out & hit his fighter; whether it was the sun breaking

through the afternoon’s bloody gauze or some other

bandit was unknown, but a field stopped

his circular argument, his wristwatch &

the finely-tuned mechanism of his life.

The Tamam Shud Case

Somerton, South Australia, 1st December, 1948.


the suitcase is farce

drop it, take the book

hop the bus, act normal




head full of micro writing

nurse’s door is clamped shut

as a hand over a mouth

this is not the end





only a joyous breakup

the manuscript is long gone

there is no coming back

lick the page’s corner

venom jumps his bloodstream

tide goes out from the beach

a shell is left by the rocks.


Rudolph Fentz

Times Square, New York City, USA, 1950.

no time to change

out of his victorian get up

he jumped seventy-four years

on a hunch from the agents

the v manuscript had been

seen in an estate jewelers

the taxi cab barrelled him over

an acorn blown by the winter wind

the coroner dug into his pockets

all his tokens were for saloons

& stables that no longer existed

his old banknotes crumbled.

McMinnville UFO photographs

Trent farm approximately nine miles (15 km) from McMinnville, Oregon 11th May, 1950.

kids’ boots suspended from power line

laces garroting the wire gave the trents the

idea in the first place. plus all that hoo-ha

surrounding roswell was good for breaking

the monotony of breeding rabbits & scratching

a living out of the farm. experts never looked

at the evidence right in front of them. in

the unpublished life magazine photos their

son’s old wagon stands on just three wheels,

the fourth one’s whereabouts – unidentified.

Mary Reeser

St Petersburg, Florida, USA (1948-12-01), 2nd July, 1951.

a favourite weapon of the tamam shud

is the vorpal blade, which once it cuts

its victim ignites fat – lighting the body’s

fuse. mary’s skull shrank to the size of a

tea cup, reverting to the natural mass of

her st martin’s land origins. her shape-

shifting tissue burnt quickly like candle

wax; hot liquid pooled in her fake body’s

holder until she guttered out completely

she had broken the sacred ban & tried to

make a new life for herself as a human on

earth-seven. ‘this was not called execution’

it was called confinement.


Taured Man

Tokyo Airport, Tokyo, July 1954.

time was out of joint

his am radio overlapped

with a tokyo station

his papers were not

legit in this dimension

as he looked at a map

that never existed

he’d never heard

of andorra

cursing those taured

travel agents who sent him

on this mystery flight

looking for that damned book.

The Pollock Twins

Hexham, Northumberland, England, July 7th May 1957- 4th October 1958.

sometimes the time-stream just

corrects itself. the agitated waters

finding a calm equilibrium after

a rock is thrown into its centre.

this is not reincarnation, this is

learning to breathe underwater



Dyatlov Pass

Ural Mtns Russia, 2nd February 1959.

half-digested food

a body clock

for time of death

two trees grew

human skin

below, a gutted fire

two naked statues

two more with hands

frozen pompeii faces

spring thaw found five

more, ravine wedged,

two crushed chests,

a broken skull,

a tongue pulled out by its roots

car crash force required

anaesthetic pcp

a malformed werewolf

with human feet

terror’s half life

a compelling unknown force

russian military experiment

a scrawled note:

now we know

there are snowmen.



The Watcher

Corroboree Rock, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, 1959.

yes, bird-watching is interdimensional too

tauredian & even st martin’s land twitchers

& ornithologists go crazy for earth-seven’s

over nine thousand species; earth-three’s

own endemics still caught in evolution’s

oven; half-baked between dinosaur & bird

coorobooree rocks’ spring long dried out.


Back Seat Ghost

Ipswich, England, 22nd March, 1959.

celluloid ectoplasm

graveyard for images

mother in her fav chair

wind the film backward

use the last shot up

hubbie in his hillman

depress the button

sun is a ghost hunter

exposing a doppelganger.

The Hill UFO Abduction

White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA, 19th September – 20th September, 1961.

electro-magnetic clamps hold down the car

like a cattle-crush pinning the chevy bel-air’s

carcass to the road. stun guns thrum with an

electric fence’s taught buzzing, as senses reel

against their bodies’ aftershock. resistance is

futile; ear-tag memories with a mental block

in her dreams the little blue cadets patrol

the forest, offer her a manicure on-board their

ship & try to give her a facsimile of the v book

an argument breaks out; some of the landsmen

don’t want trouble with taured, so the book is

returned. they push their eyes into their eyes.

keep shifting shapes so they can’t focus on their

real form. their language is mumble. take samples

as per the brief. yawn & cup the male’s genitals

plant suggestions of aliens eviscerating cows.

Babushka Lady

Dallas, Texas, USA. 23rd November 1963.

in a wardrobe

in the mid-west

a box of unprocessed

film, organic

black & curled

as a snake’s tongue

waits in its viper nest

to strike at history

it will process

a second shooter

on the grassy knoll

sunglasses, a bonnet

a colourful dress coat

she was caught on camera

despite all the resources

of the free world, fbi, cia

she vanished, a negative

exposed by the texan sun.



Bouvet Island

South Atlantic, April 1964.


one thousand miles from land

scattered oars, the whaling boat

bleached white as a skull.



Lonnie Zamora Incident

Socorro, New Mexico, USA, 24th April 1964.

his brain tried to rationalise what he saw

the white oval object was obviously a car

that had crashed & stood upright on its

fender or rear end in the arroyo; a vee-dub?

such a strange way for a vehicle to come to rest.

two kids in white coveralls were beside it.

lucky not to be killed he thought. then not

quite a jet engine’s whine, but rising in hurricane

pitch, an ominous roar that told him to leg it.

the kids had gone. a bunsen burner’s blue flame

ignited under its chassis & like some gigantic

inverted ivory zippo, all noise cut out leaving

a silent flame, departing at supersonic speed.

how could his policeman’s mind register those

st martin’s landsmen’s failed first expedition?


Solway Firth Spaceman

Cumbria, England, 23rd May 1964.


his eye on daddy’s

little girl

he centred the flowers


his wife transformed

into an alien astronaut

digging the elastic hem

out of her arse.

The Hook Island Monster

Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia, 12th December 1964.

largest spermatozoa

to ever swim in fluid

black tadpole on steroids

kelp gathered into a hair bun

behind the sea’s trendy head

hair follicle on giant’s sweaty arm.



The Tully Saucer Nest

Tully, Queensland, Australia, 19th January, 1966.

rebellious teenage tauredians on dares

will sometimes illegally time-slip to the

other earths; flattened swamp reeds or

corn crops are a by-product of the dark

gravitational forces that accompany the

transfer. some will even steal their parents’

g-ships & joyride throughout the alternate

worlds, the advanced technology carving

circles around the local machinery. time-

pools are almost always linked to the wettest

areas on the other earths, tully a favourite of

the kids. gravity has no smell, no combustion

flattened plants form sacred glyphs from the

voynich manuscript; ‘crop circles’ the superstitious

natives call them; as if adolescents would waste

their time on healthy food when the rains come.


The Westall UFO Encounter

Westall State School, Clayton South, Melbourne, Australia, 6th April, 1966.

through the science class’s louvres she saw

a silver-white oval object moving across the

corrugated melbourne sky. cell division was

forgotten as her class scattered to inspect the

‘flying saucer’ that bobbed silently over their

school with no visible propulsion ejecting gas

her teacher went too; television was flush with

aliens; ‘star trek’, ‘doctor who’, the kids were

easily distracted & they all needed a good laugh

it landed in the grange bushland where it held

a short tryst with the long grass, crushing it in

its eager love, before it fled the humiliating scene

the first students to jump the fence & chase it

fainted on seeing the bulbous thing take off,

dragging its long translucent trunk into the air.


The Lead Masks Case

Vintem Hill, Rio de Janeiro, 20th August, 1966.


16:30 be at agreed place

suit up, slick back hair

look your best forever

18:30 swallow capsules

of potassium iodine

a sip of water, lie down

after effect protect metals

remove watches, chains

rings as conductors

wait for mask signal

apply cold lead masks

heavy as a migraine

contact taured a second time

homemade goggles protect

against intense luminosity

so they are promised

spirits rise like boys floating

kites as the poison crows

take the rest of the cash,

car, leave towels behind

souls hitchhike into space.

The Mothman Prophecies

Point Pleasant, West Virginia, USA, 16th November, 1966.

the sun was his right eye & the moon

was his left. mothman! of course the

earth-seven idiots would trivialize

horus’ significance & relegate him to

some supervillain status; give him red

eyes, dust for a body, perhaps feelers

they always mistake a warning for a

threat, landing in front of a car as an

act of aggression, not communication

for months the tauredian deity fixated

on the bridge over the ohio river, could

see the cracks in point pleasant’s future

marveling in the abundance of water on

earth-seven, so taken for granted by locals

rare as diamonds back on earth-three.


Bigfoot – Patterson-Gimlin Film

Bluff Creek, California, USA, 20th October 1967.

a girl can’t go

anywhere without

men watching

needed to pee bad

behind a big uprooted

stump, but cowboys turned

up with horses, a camera

looked back twice

disgusting perverts

no privacy anymore

across the sandbar

up rattly bluff creek

bolted, once out of sight

pov video they’ll

upload on the internet

that mates will share

a million times.



Our Lady of Zeitoun

Coptic Church Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt, April 1968.


papier-mâché a blessed virgin &

paint her an immaculate white. fix

struts to her back as though a kite

take her to the churches’ rooftop.

set her up in position like a sniper.

borrow a spotlight & run the leads.

shine it only at night. keep the gates

locked. distance is the camera’s disciple.

analogue flares will crown her with halos.

make the sightings random. hire an actress

who will take a vow of silence. think of the

coffers & pray that this illusion will stick.

The Zodiac Killings

California, USA, 20th December, 1968 – 11th October, 1969.

he was taured’s most heinous time-slip

criminal, wanted for the murders of up

to two hundred people on at least

eight different earths. his mother had

dipped him too soon as a baby into

the time-pools & his mind never

recovered from gravity’s poison

he said he wanted slaves to serve

him in the afterlife. he even used

one of taured’s most sacred symbols

as his murderous calling card. he

finally slipped up when he became

addicted to earth-seven’s disease

of seeking media fame, his encoded

letters led agents of tamam shud

to the right time in their 1974

the trial was brief. he went to

the dissolution pools without fuss

all trace of his existence winked

out of the twelve time-streams

as black gravity pulled him under.

Bimini Road

North Bimini Island, Bahamas, 2nd September 1968.

project desire onto rock

and you create; roads, walls

quays, temples, columns

corrupt the archaeology

build the ideal tourist trap

divers chip away at legends

beach rock broken up

the planet takes its time

to set up a good joke

we are the butte of it.


Secret Moon Base

Sea of Tranquillity, Luna, 21st July 1969.

it was what?

it was hell

the what?

there’s what?


apollo calling

control, mission


sir, huge

babies these

believe it

wouldn’t you….

god, oh



others are there

telling you

crater’s edge

far side lined up

watching us….

the moon

they’re on…

UVB-76- ‘The Buzzer’

Near the village of Lozhki, Povarovo, Russia, late 1970s – Present Day.

twenty-four/seven it buzzes an

agitated hive hidden in the russian

wastes to fuel cold war stories

they think someone left a microphone

on from ww2, or secret base speech

encoded with khrushchev’s sleeper orders

“? — 143. ?? ??????? ?????????.” “???? ????? ?????? ?? ??????????.”

“I am 143. Not receiving the generator.”

“That stuff comes from hardware room.”

play dance of the little swans, count to ten

in russian to confuse the eavesdroppers;

“brigade operative officer on duty’”

spout meaningless earth-seven words

“debut” “nadezhda” “sudak” “vulkan”

don’t give up on finding the v book.

Aluminium Wedge of Aiud

Mures River, Aiud, Romania, 1974.


a mastodon’s bridle bit?

landing gear from a small

alien craft? the aluminium

wedge shifted down through

the river’s sand over decades

easily, as a piece of neutron

star washed through the planet

don’t look at the past, or the future

look for a rusted coal excavator

seized up by its oxide stroke

missing a tooth from its mining

bucket; buried in a romanian scrapyard.

Jimmy Hoffa

Bloomfield Township, Detroit, USA, 30th July, 1975.

it wasn’t the mafia who set up the meeting

in the restaurant’s carpark, but st martin’s

land secret service agents, ordered to

extradite him back to earth-three for

a new opportunity to organise their

independence from taured’s reign

he hated it at first; the dull green light

from earth-three’s sun, the ‘little green

men’ as he called st martin’s citizens.

he hated the horsepillars, giant insects

dinosaur plants, even the vegan food

he missed his earth-seven family dearly

the union of free st martin’s land fed

him scraps of information over the years

how his son rose to lead the teamsters

like his old man. he lived to be a hundred

a veteran of organising rights on two worlds

given a state funeral by a free st martin’s land.



Lawndale Illinois Thunderbird Attack

Lawndale, Illinois, USA, 25th July, 1977.

it clawed her son in the shoulder

picked him up & carried him ten

yards before her screams made it

drop marlon, as if he’d fallen from

a roof. four foot wingspan, six inch

beak with a hook, black body, she’d

only seen them in her son’s dinosaur

books. hired hunters found a giant

nest & smashed it. she would do

anything to protect her little boy

witnesses fell into line as her fingers

clawed at her son with love.

Wow! Signal

Big Ear radio telescope, Ohio State University, USA, 15th August, 1977.

seventy-two seconds it took for the taured

parents to control their children, to stop

them mucking about & take the remote.

Beast of Bodmin Moor

Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England, 1978.

they avoid the black panthers, who will

kill their cubs & eat them if they get the

chance. after all those big cats are crazier

than the pumas who operate as lone

gunmen, snipers who don’t roar out

their hunting success, but signal with

coded whistles & clicks when they take

down their target. they are hugely adaptable

there has always been plenty of game

in england & space to roam for hundreds

of kilometres. besides, one sees the puma

either alive or dead, not both alive & dead.


Granger Taylor

Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, 29th November, 1980.

lying on his couch

inside his playground saucer

they contacted him

at last he would know

magnetic drives the key

he said his goodbyes

scratched out deceased

penciled in departed

on his way to waterloo

gave his winter coat to lady

wouldn’t be needing it

where he was going

nurses saw them

a decade ago, Saturn

shaped vehicle buzzed

by their ward, looking

blasting powder; tnt

for pounds of thrust

blue pick-up truck

for the ship

no one heard his

explosive take off over

the cyclonic winds

forty-two months later

his parents left the back door

unlocked for their (inter)stellar son.

Father Crespi

Cuenca, Ecuador, 16th May 1982.

armstrong found the moon

but not the secret caves

of atlantis

after father crespi

ascended, two cargo jets


german speaking men

loaded them up

routine art heist

pure gold the old man

shouted, pure gold

assyrian, babylonian

golden plaque

message from the gods

hidden as war criminals

naïve art to please the padre

indigenous tribes paid tribute

to shut the old nazi up.

The Coventry Spectre

St Mary’s Guildhall, Coventry, Warwickshire, England, 22nd January 1985.

one flaw with the system of time-pools

is that over the centuries, the different earths

build new structures over their ancient water;

brick over cisterns, fill in wells, dam rivers, divert

streams & drain swamps. taured cannot keep up

with rapid progress, so the frequency of an agent

phasing inside a building not on the map or into

a crowd of people & being caught increases with

every mission. one can understand the anti-travel

party’s position. that is why time-pool mapping

ops are so critical to keeping the secrecy of the

twelve dimensions & the key to d-travel from

those less responsible & more violent earths

like those crazy bastards on earth-seven.

The Taos Hum

Taos, north-central New Mexico, USA, 1990s – Present day.

they are a paranoid species prone

to egotism, anxiety, bi-polar type

auditory hallucinations & tinnitus.

Klerksdorp Spheres

Ottosdal, South Africa, 1992.


ooh they’d love to be part

of something out of place

ancient astronaut marbles

harder than steel

balanced perfectly

from zero gravity

we all rotate when

the earth’s tuning fork

bangs on the table

a precision not even

nasa can contemplate

grooves like a record

they are kidney stones

the land passed in pain

three billion years ago.


Boothill Cemetery Ghost

Boothill Cemetery, Tombstone, Arizona, USA, 1996.

in extremely rare circumstances tamam shud

operatives will be captured on earth-seven’s

primitive technology, rising up from the time-

stream, helpless like standing with two legs

over a barbed-wire fence. fedora, vorpal knife

all of the accruements of their dark trade will

be rationalised through their supernatural belief

systems; this is the work of ghosts they will say

not earth-three assassins shooting out the truth

Heaven’s Gate

San Diego, California, USA, 26th March, 1997.

take it to the next level

take out alien abduction insurance

hale-bopp is coming

self-slaughter takes three days

an away team of coordination

thirty-nine bright stars fall

bodies slow, suns collapsing

plastic bags do for helmets

slip on nikes, check baggage

their vehicles are ready

walk-in to their spacecraft

aliens taught them purple

when it is being offered

just do it, a final countdown

small change in their pockets

the ultimate demonstration.

The Bloop

West coast of South America, Antarctic Ocean, June, 1997.

it signals an even greater monster

not one that entrances submarines

into whirlpools, or ‘dead cthulhu

dreaming’. besides, tauredian

scientists managed to track down

& remove the escaped kraken

on earth-seven centuries before

the bloop was recorded. although

a few seamen in their rigging had

the fright of their lives & birthed

the legend. no, this was something

more massive than that behemoth

something so old & so large that

the cry of its wounding was heard

underwater for three thousand miles

in every climatic direction.

Ricky McCormick

St. Charles County, Missouri, USA, 30th June, 1999.

tamam shud agents write in a code

that uses earth-three & earth-seven

numerals & letters. he was a sleeper

activated after twenty years of

deep cover as a delinquent nobody

to recover the manuscript & stop

prometheus from releasing its secrets

the rubaiyat of omar khayyam is their code

book. no one on earth-seven will ever

crack those burned orders from ‘54 & ‘99

those prometheans won’t either; so ignorant

of twelfth century earth-seven sufi poetry.



Time Travel Institute forum, 2nd November, 2000.


john described his timeline in posts

not ours. they weren’t predictions

but the history he grew up with

all of it did happen, will happen

has happened already. he needed

a 1975 5100 IBM to recode nukes

before internal clocks stopped

the 32 bit integers struck dumb, or

else all the birds would fly in 2038

burning what was left of europe,

russia, asia, the middle east &

america quartered by civil war

this parallel earth was so naïve

yes, they built a time machine

to retrieve a retro computer

the one thing common

amongst the alternate futures

our penchant for overkill.




Hollywood, Florida, USA, 27th December, 2002.

clones are the shadows of cells that are bought

into the light. a flash of zinc & it all begins. eve

she was called after the elohim’s transmission

of the cellular plan for earth-seven from their

garden of eden lab. sometimes touching, or even

being near the v manuscript will spark sensual

memories of earth-three. they want to grow up

fast, transport their beings into the new shell &

live forever. it’s safer to let them go along with

their theories of extraterrestrials & establish tent

embassies for them. tauredians often wonder if

they know how really close to creation they are.


Atacama Humanoid

La Noria, Atacama Desert, Chile, 2003.

a pilot in a womb ship, sure

had to abort the mission early

the planners had not planned

atacama is hell incarnate, but

humans are more than hellish

disposed along with coke bottles

plastic bags, desert freeze-dried

goods, not even a burial, but

found a voodoo doll among

the iron-nickel meteorites.

dna will prove a human mother

if one can believe that guise still

ufologist’s action figure, bought

for fifty dollars, a life imagined

far beyond its limited span

ata – a name where none

existed. at times we forget,

how small we really are.

Salish Sea Severed Feet

Salish Sea, British Columbia, Canada, 20th August, 2007.

the nikes prove their worth

as heaven’s gaters return home

one athletic boot at a time.

Lerina Garcia Gordo

Madrid, Spain – Europe & Euplar, 16th July, 2008.

on earth-three there are five continents not

seven – sakria, aflar, aslar, auslar & euplar.

taured is a powerful country in euplar, as

is st martin’s land; their rivalry is legendary

other nations also experiment with time-pool

travel; most have signed up to the non-proliferation

treaty, other rogue states have not. laxaria in sakria

is one such axis of evil. in 1851 tamam shud monitored

an illegal test flight to earth-seven. pilot jophar vorin

did not have the right herbal mixture & was poisoned

by the time-stream, losing much of his ability to reason

in that dimension they just thought that he was mad

as he kept babbling on about his shipwrecked brother

other transgressions are more innocent, a quantum

superimposition happened to a spanish woman –

lerina garcia gordo woke up one morning caught

in the liminal space between earth-five & earth-seven

the two closest realities to each other. so close

that on earth-five the beatles neve broke up &

are still recording, john lennon was never

assassinated in 1980 & jfk had two terms.

James Richards

Del Puerto Canyon, Turlock, California. USA, 9th September 2009.

earth-five have the arp-d time machine for

sale that has a wet-field generator inside it

& makes it feel like you have been saturated

by the time-pools. but this is only a mild side-

effect of the crushed black gravity that is the energy

for interdimensional jumping. the danger though

of this system, unlike the tauredian method of using

real mirrored water networks, is that the operator has

no control of where the portal opens. too many earth-

five dimensional broker accidental deaths on the job

by mainly falling to their deaths, persuaded the taured

emperor not to manufacture this technology & make it

publicly available on earth-three. so for the time being,

only restricted access to the time-pools by tamam shud

& the occasional taured scientist is the law. no public

access allowed. besides, the only alternate worlds without

an indigenous intelligent hominid species are earths one,

nine & eleven, where taured have begun to research

trying to get the jump on earths five, two, four, six, eight

ten & twelve, before the settlers & prospectors ruin these

realities with as the beatles sing their, ‘everyday chemistry’.


Baltic Sea Anomaly

Between Sweden and Finland, 19th June, 2011.


a stolen vehicle

from the pleiades

burnt out

in a swamp

the mar’s face’s

lost compact mirror.

Cicada 3301

The internet, 4th January, 2012.

taured likes to keep ahead of the pack

all twelve earths receive puzzles contextual

to their literature & technology trees

the final forum offers membership to

taured’s secret service – tamam shud

the pan-dimensional mean machine.



Elisa Lam

Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles, 31st January 2013.

the invisible light company

peeled the water tank’s lid

off, easily as orange rind

jesus said give me a drink

& he gave her living water

soles curled on the metal steps

climbing, energy’s sacrifice

the elevator ritual; 4-2-6-10-5

she would never thirst again

ghost staff cloaked as klingons

as one incapable of her own distress

it would do well for a well

the lid closed, an eye

patch on the tank’s face

indued in her darkness

her lack of armour

pulled her down

heavy with liquid glass

murder, a primordial game

guests cupped muddy water

she became their fountain

springing up nineteen days later.

Flight MH370

The island of Pulau Perak at the northern end of the Strait of Malacca, 8th March, 2014.


no one is fluent in smoke

it gives a quick lesson in its

language to the aircrew

the phones continue

to ring hours afterwards

pining for their masters

close relatives pick up

nobody speaks static

awkwardness answers.